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5 Reasons You Should Buy Beats Online

Jun 012017

5 Reasons You Should Buy Beats Online

Good 5 reasons of why you should be buying beats for your online from best stores for your next album/mixtape.


Why Rappers Should Buy Hip Hop Beats

With so many upcoming rappers these days, the competition in the music industry is stiffer and the cost of making music is higher than it has ever been, And since we live in the age of the internet, a time when computers make everything we do simpler, cheaper and faster, it is only natural that an upcoming or aspiring rapper takes advantage of this great resource to build a name for him or herself and cut a niche in the music industry without having to incur any unnecessary costs, spend tens of hours making music the old fashioned way or try to cram his style on hip hop beats that do not match his unique style. I will give you 10 reasons why buying beats online is the right path for an upcoming rapper to take today.


1. You can request custom beats

A song’s beat is what makes it unique and is what can make you be noticed easily by record companies. No matter how good your voice is, if the beat is trash, you’re not going anywhere.

What you can do? You can request customization of an existing beat or find out if the beat creator offers the beat in a format that makes it customizable using software, Most of the online producers charge $150+ for a custom beat.


2. You will get professional beats

Buying beats online is simple, but how good the beats are largely depends on where you buy them. With so many great beat making tools today, there are many beats sales sits on the internet, sites such as Yonas-K Beatz – Buy Beats Online actually present unique and professional trap/rnb beats to rappers around the world. If you choose the right site to buy your beats, you get a quality guarantee on original and unique beats that you could play to your fans for many years.


3. Instant delivery

Found a beat you want? You can have it in seconds – just buy it and download and you can get to making music in just a matter of minutes. Download your beats instantly after your purchase, And a link will be sent to your email right after your payment.

The best sites to buy beats online will let you sample many beats on your browser and offers simplified payment methods once you find the beat you want.


4. Choose a beat that matches your style

Before you buying beats online, you get to listen to it and you can select one that best matches the rhythm of your song or songs before selecting it.
On this website, you have loads of different genre’s to choose, including, West Coast (G-FUNK), Trap, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and more. New rap beats and hip hop beats are posted constantly, so stay tuned!

5. You NEED legal beats (!!)

You need to buy your beats from legitimate sites such as Yonas- K Beatz are legal and once you make your music, you can market and distribute them without the fear of brushing the law the wrong way.


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