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How To Promote Your Music - Online VS Offline Marketing

Jun 062017

How To Promote Your Music - Online Marketing/Offline Marketing.


First, let's start with the online marketing


Online music marketing is probably the path most independent musicians take when it comes to getting their sound out there. This is partly because the ease of it (You can promote your music from the comfort of your own home) and partly because of the potential reach. With the internet, you can access people in nearly any country of the world.

That said, just because all these people can potentially hear you, making them WANT to hear you, Is a whole other challenge all together. So using our leveraging tactics, what kind of online music marketing can you do to get in front of more people? We look at some below...
Bearing in mind you'll want to leverage established platforms rather than building up a fanbase slowly yourself, we're going to want to initially build connections with other media outlets, rather than with fans one by one. Yes, you should reply to fans when they reach out to you, but you shouldn't initially be trying to reach out to them in this manner. Instead, put the majority of your time and effort building up relationships with people that can get you out there on a much wider scale.
Types of people and places online you want to build up relationships with include:

Big Websites In Your Genre.

•Online Radio Shows That Cater To Your Type Of Music.

• Music Forums In Your Genre.

Youtube Channels In Your Genre.

• Facebook And Twitter Groups And Pages That Cater To Your Type Of Music.


All of these places have two things in common:

1. They have people who like your type of music watching them. 

2. They have a much bigger reach and influence than you.

People that listen to these channels and read these websites respect what their owners have to say. Therefore, if a owner of any one of these mediums tells it's followers you're the next best thing since sliced bread, you are bound to get an influx of people visiting your website and taking notice of you.


Marketing/Promoting Your Music - Offline



A big mistake many musicians make, is they only ever promote their music online. Why is this a big mistake? Well, mainly because all the extra exposure they leave on the table! There are a lot of established offline mediums you can use to get your music out there, so you should put as much effort into getting on them as you would get on the online promotion sources.
Some of the ways you can promote your music offline include:

• Performing Live Gigs In Venues Where Your Target Audience Will Be.

•Making Music Videos And Getting Them On Relevant Music TV Channels.

• Getting Your Music On Local Radio Stations.

• Appearing In Radio And TV Adverts.

• Having Your Flyers And CDs In Industry Related Shops.

• Using Street Teams To Spread Your Message.

• Doing Your Own Street Selling And Promotion (You're not leveraging anything here, but we'll look at why this method of offline promotion can still be useful below).


Even just missing out the first of these things will mean you'll reach a lot less of your target audience then you would otherwise. Performing gigs gives you a chance to get an instant reaction from your music, and connect with potential fans on a much more personal level. It's possible to plant seeds this stage and do the early relationship building needed to make life long fans.
Music videos on genre-specific TV channels (Or general ones), appearances in other people's projects, street selling and the like are all other ways to get your face seen and your music heard. While street selling doesn't keep in line with our leveraging method, it is still good for starting to understand what makes people buy from you. Once you learn the factors that will make people make a purchase from you, you can use this throughout your music career to greatly increase the amount of sales you end up making.
I'd suggest a healthy mix between both online and offline music promotion. Both have their uses and should be used together rather than have it a 'one or the other' type situation.






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