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How To Be A Better Rapper (6 Tips)

Nov 182017

6 Tips On How To Rap Better – How To Be A Better Rapper.


If you want to really get good at rap, here are a few things that you can do to become a better rapper. One of the first things is enunciating. So, like actors, like speakers, there are exercises, such as tongue twisters, such as, you know, putting a marble in your mouth, and just enunciating your words.

One key thing that you can do in the studio is a smile. Smile as you’re rapping your song because it forces you to use your full jaw to enunciate your words.

So Let’s get straight to the points




Just practice. Try out different rhyme schemes when writing, practice metaphors, similes, entendres etc. Practicing is the most important factor when becoming a good “rhymer”. Like Caia said, go out, do something and get inspired. Follow news, read books etc. This way, you’ll have more to talk about on the mic.




Your flow, or how you ride the beat, is very important. When you start rapping over beats, your flow will be very boring. Don’t worry. Practice different types of flows. Fast paced or slow paced f.e. You’ll definitely want to learn more about music theory and rhythm. If your rhythmical skills are weak, riding the beat will be hard. Most of the greatest rappers can easily flow on any beat since they hear the rhythm and just get on with it. If you are willing and committed, I’d suggest something like piano lessons. It really helps you with rhythm.




In my opinion, the most important aspect of an MC. If you just mumble on the mic, sound too quiet, or can’t keep a steady breath I won’t listen to you. You should rap in a very loud and clear voice. Also, if you are young, your voice might not be fully developed yet, and it might change later. That’s why don’t rush into releasing anything in a while.

And this brings me to my final point. Please, for the sake of yourself, don’t release anything, before you are absolutely sure it’s ready. Sure, you can show your raps to your family and friends, but don’t release anything out too early.

If you can’t bob your head to your own music, how can anyone else either?


Start With Slow Beats



Another excellent way to improve your flaw is to start writing Slow Rap/Rnb Beats. It is good practice at the start of your rapping career not to jump straight into the deep end.

Find some hip-hop beats that are similar to old-school boom bap beats or smooth 90′ type beats (Ex: G-Funk). These old-school beats are normally at the 85-90 bpm mark. This will make it much more easy for you to grow confidence in your own style.

To do this, you may begin writing rap songs with plenty of spaces to breathe and fewer words per bar or line. In other words, you have to start with the basics until you can handle the complicated ones.

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Finding A Dope Producer/Beatmaker




If you’re on the hunt for dope producers and are also looking to get on their mailing lists for updates and discounts here’s an easy way to find where they’re lurking at on the internet. Even though serious producers typically will have their own website they will often upload their beats for sale on reputable 3rd party websites such as Yonas-K Beatz/ and to name a few. These are like producer hubs where you can find a large majority if active producers on the internet.


Pick A Subject


If you want another great idea, what you can do is to choose a subject you like. It could be at home, your childhood, a girl, your favorite sport, and other things you love to write about.

The moment you are done choosing a topic or you have already come up with a topic, start writing the lyrics with simple rhymes. Opt for simple words in your lyrics. Rap experts say that a good rap is composed of two parts – flow and lyrics blended together.


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